Sunday, 2 November 2014

What a great summer it was!

Not as much blogging as I had hoped to do this year, but that’s because I have been a very busy musician. Not sure where I left off in the stream of things. Still trying to iron out some of my distribution woes on the BoodAbooM albumThe Answer”. I’m hoping that will finally be resolved before 2015 arrives. Thankfully the album has been well received and is selling at iTunes, as is my previous album “Choices”.
BoodAbooM duo - photo by Ian Johnstone
I gigged my butt off throughout the summer with solo shows, duo and trio BoodAbooM shows, as well as with the band Hygrade playing the manic rock harmonica. Mid way through August saw me playing with the BoodAbooM trio at the Vancouver Island Exhibition and with another band called Donny Boyd and Fine Company during the same event. Wow, what a great day that was. The bands that followed our performances included some of BC’s rock royalty in the form of Chilliwack, Prism and The Grapes of Wrath. It’s hard to believe that one can be so busy in what is considered by many to be the greatest slump in the past hundred years of the music industry. I suppose it’s because while I do expect to be paid for my musical services, money is not my main motivator. The muse of music itself is what drives me deeper and deeper into my relationship with music.
BoodAbooM Trio - photo by Paul Jay
And yes, I said relationship because music is a reciprocal affair, you give and it gives back. A very “Karma” like circumstance between performer and audience exists, as well as being a spiritual / emotional experience at times.
One of the big projects for me last summer was to be the producer for a 12 song album recorded by Donny Boyd and Fine Company. What exactly is the producer’s role in the studio will be subject for a later blog. Suffice it to say that a multi-faceted job of being the liaison between the artist, the studio and the musicians. A thorough understanding of musical theory, songwriting, engineering, arrangement, as well as the ability to source the appropriate musicians for the appropriate tracks all comes into play. Budget and time constraints are always major concerns, coordinating recording sessions and keeping things on track are also of major importance. Beyond all of this the producer should be able to draw out the best of performances from each of the musicians involved. A tall order to say the least, but tons of fun for me. We recorded the project at Wayon Sound with engineer Wayne Veillet. Rick Salt of Lois Lane Studio handled the mastering process. Having played guitar, harmonica, keyboards and background vocals on the album, I earned a spot in the Donny Boyd and Fine Company musician line up. The album “Watch The Pretty Flowers” was released at the 2014 VIEX show. More sessions are lined up for other projects as well, but strictly as a musician for those gigs.
BoodAbooM Trio - photo by Ian Johnstone
The next couple of months will see fewer performances for BoodAbooM while I work on some administrative duties. We are scheduled for a couple of mid-island shows. One on November 22nd at the French Creek Marine Resort in Parksville and another on December 6th at the Shady Rest in Qualicum Bay. Both of these show will be with Marisha Devion on bass and Rich Bazille on drums. New songs destine for the next album are part of the mix of tunes we’re kicking out at these shows amongst my usual mix of unusual songs and rocking faves. For those who can, I hope you can come to the Mid-Island shows this fall. Details are on the website under “shows”.
One of the tasks at hand this fall is to sort through a lot of video from last summers performances to see if there is anything to be posted. A few videos of live performance have been posted on my YouTube channel. Happy Man and Rebellious Fool have been posted from the VIEX show with Wayne Veillet on bass and Billy Hicks on drums.
For those who may be interested, here is an article regarding the “real life” income of musicians. After that you’ll understand why it has to be a labour of love, something you are called or driven to do.
So likely this is the last blog until early in the new year. Remember, love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness is the best approach to all situations. Be good to each other.
Brother T